Tuesday, 29 May 2012

* * * final major project film finished * * *

here is my final edit of my film. it took a lot of effort but here it is. yes the camera for some reason is abit jumpy but i am still happy with how my puppet moves through out my short. i hope you all enjoy my film.

unfortunately i am unable to post the video directly on here so heres the youtube link.


robot sound track

i was unhappy with my other soundtrack. i felt that the music was too dark for the story and didn't fit the film. me and my friend who studies music tech worked together on making a new sound track. i played him my old sound track so that he could get an idea of what i was looking for. he came up with this. 


Sunday, 27 May 2012

robot at work. on set

just wanted to share a few photos of my robot during filming and what my work area looked like. 

book prop

in my animation my robot reads a book. the book that gives him the idea that a soul is an object. the book has written in it a quote from Daniel Defoe. my second year assistant made the book for me. i only ( badly ) wrote in the quote. 


i decided for this animation that i would have ago at making my own music for it. usually i ask for help from my friend who did music tech at uni, but this time i wanted to try it for my self. i used the programme 'reason' and played around with it for a few hours. i wanted to try and make some sad and slightly creepy music, but i feel like i've made the music too creepy and too bassey.

animation tests

finally ready to do some animation tests with the robot. i managed two short tests. the first test is a hand test, just me seeing how well the hands move. the second test is an eye test, here i am trying out the replacement eyes. 

( hand test )

( eye test )

the bear

before i carry on with the blog, i just want to say that the bear isnt treated as a character but more as a prop for the robot. i gave my second year assistant the job of making bear more me. all i made of the bear was the wire armature for her to work with.