Wednesday, 30 November 2011

puppets ^-^

just wanted to show you all my puppets for the animation i am now currently working on.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

oh i nearly forgot

here's is a little bit more work to show you from second year. as part of our work we had t go and help a few third year students. i worked with two pairs of students. one pair asked me to make sausage puppets called the Frankfurt brothers and they needed trilbies making. the second pair asked me to make some school uniforms for their puppets. we was supposed to give them 25 hours of our time. so when you think about it making two little sausage puppets and some school uniforms doesn't sound like a lot for 25 hours but i ended up doing everything twice. the first lot of sausage puppets i made went terribly wrong and horrible looking and the hats went all lumpy. so as i was showing them what i made i asked them if i could just make them again because i didnt like how they turned out, so went off and made them again and it all worked out perfect. here are some pics of me making the puppets 

pictures of the school uniforms i made. i had to make themtwice because the instructions i was given were wrong .they gave me drawings of the characters and when it came to making the uniforms, i asked them if they wanted me to make them to the size of the drawing, they said yes so thats what i did. it came to me meeting up with my third year and i showed them what i had made and they said it was far too small. here i'll show you 

you can see here the size of the drawing to the size they were making their puppets. so anyway was not a problem to go off and remake the uniforms. so here is my finished result. 

Friday, 25 November 2011

cubism lady animation

morning...just :) i dont feel like i explained my cubism lady animation idea very well, if at all. the idea of this animation is that its set in an art gallery. as you saw in my opening shot, the camera pans across three picture frames. in each picture frame there is going to be a different style of art in. the first picture frame is going to be a still life picture of a bowl of fruit. the second picture is going to be in the style of pop art and its going to have a little pop art man in it. the third the picture is going to be of the cubism lady. in the story, the cubism lady comes to life and decides to course some mischief. she gets out of her picture and goes in to the pop art picture and then dances with the pop art man. when she has finished dancing with the pop art man she gets out that picture and then goes in to the still life picture and starts eating the fruit, then steels an apple and then makes her way back to her picture and acts as if nothing has happend. i hope you  like my idea and on that note i have to go off now and start remaking my set ready for next week ^-^

wooo look at the date...its only a month untill christmas yaaaaay

Thursday, 24 November 2011

my work in progress

i'm currently working on another project. one of my tutors breifs was called 'art moves' we had to choose an 'ism' i went with cubism. never really done anything with cubism ever in my life so i thought i would challenge my self abit. i chose to do my animation as a cut out animation. i've never really worked with cut out either, another challenge. so i have designed my charatcer, and built my set, which i need to build again, but at least i got to do a test shot of what i want to do with my opening scene. here is a picture of my cubism lady 

here  are some of the tests i did with my cubsim lady puppet

here is the test shot of my opening scene.

in theselast tests she looks a little bit different. the reason is becuase i found in the other tests you couldnt see her hair and i realised i made her a bit wrong. so i remade her and made another two of her ( so basically three in total) i made three of her because i needed her to change from one side to another so i made her changes.

finally we have cought up with my third year work.

so this is the work that i have been doing for the third year. in the first three weeks of returning from our summer break we had to get straight on with three mini breifs. the first one we were given to do was the 9 prepositions, the second one was onomatapoeia and the third one was the micro script. 

9 prepositions 


micro script

my proudest monet....back tracking part five.

for your infurmation. . . . 

so this is the post i've been most looking forward to writting. at university we had to do a collaboration breif. i worked in a group of five. we called our selves 'smiling beetroot donkey' we had to go online and look for animation competitions that would could enter. we came across one for an anti fur campaign called 'infurmation' we did a story about how a fox gets cought in a trap, taken away to a wearhouse and then skinded. yes we did a horrible skinning even shocked me a little when i saw our finsihed result and i knew it was coming. we split our little group in to two. three of us were working on the 2d part of the animation whilst me and another worked on the stop motion side.we built our fox puppet with love...and then we filmed him. O.o

so we entered our aniamtion in, we showed our tutor and she was happy with it and also cringing at it.  

WARNING WARNING. OUR VIDEOS IS GRAPHIC...remember hes not real and i've seen our little foxy since filming and hes healed up nicely now. urgh, i cant get the video clip from my pc to work on here so it has to be viewed by this link.

heres the best  bit ... 
a few months had past us by and we hadnt heard anything from the competition for a long time. we thought we hadnt done well at all. turns out we did quite well...rather well...infact so well we came first place  so here is my certifficate to show all the world that we won. 

here are some photos of our fox puppet for you to enjoy. hopfully they will help make you feel better for what you just saw :) 

little cotton bobbin tail ( back track part 4)

i did a hand drawn animation. our breif was 'tiny plannets' so i came up with the idea that my charatcer lived on a home made plannet that he put together him self. the charatcer is very odd, its half rabbit and half sewing machine. he wheels around his plannet. hes oh so very happy that he gets to show us his handy work...thing is tho i never managed to finish this animation. i will though one day in the future. rememeber the friend chaz i mentioned in another post? well he was once again very awesome and made me the song to go along with the clip.

heres is a few images of cotton bobbin tail from the story boards

second year back tracking part 3


this is my favourite animation i made. two charatcers. a robot and an evil teddy bear. i've been working on this since my second year at college so i got very atached to this project when i was finally able to make it. the clip is titled ' the begining of robot vs evil bear ' i plan to make mor of these clips when i have finished my degree. in college i did loads of drawings, almost like a comic strip if you will with lots of ways that evil bear is atacking the robot. i shall post them up in the near future.  mean while i hope you enjoy my clip of robot and evil bear. 

here is some pictures of my puppets and of the set. 

more back tracking..part 2

more work to show you. this is my lip sync animation i did. i had to get a recording of someone talking and animate to it. i got asked my friend chaz if he would be able to help me, so in the video thats his voice you can hear and hes is also playing the guitar. so chaz if you ever see this post, thankyou so much for the help :)


thought i should show you a photo graph of my finished puppet. i was rather proud of him.

sorry that some of them are side ways, i dont know how to change that, if any one knows would you mind letting me know for future post. thankyou

second year back track ^-^

more work to show you from times that have past. work from my second year and theres lots more to show you than there was from the first year. i have five videos to show you. the first one if an animatic or story board that i made. the story is called 'post box gremlin' its about a girl who is trying to post a letter in to a post box, but for some reason it is proving pretty hard. she posts it in the first time. it comes back out, tries it a few more times, comes back out...i guess theres no actuall point in me telling you the whole story of the animatic, it will take the fun away from watching it if you know the story before watching it. by the way i made the music my self : )

back track

here is where i would like to get my blog up to date with all my work from the begining up untill now. as i mentioned in my first post, i am in my final year as an animation student and i only just created this blog. SO theres plenty of old work i need to catch you up on.

in this clip. i am trying out different styles of animation. two types of computer animation and some cut out stop motion. the first style of animation you see is cut out animation done on the computer using the programe 'toonboom' in this one we had to design a charatcer aimed at very young children.. this was the first time i used toonboom. theres no story to it, i was just testing out how to use and move my charatcer. the second style of animation you see in this clip is cut out stop motion. this was my first atempt at stop motion and i was being tought how to do stop motion by Barry Purves. i had to animate a cat walking. a bird flying and a man swimming. the third lot of animatio that you see has been made on maya. a computer animation programe or CGI pograme.

so that there is my work from my first year at university.

Friday, 18 November 2011

baby panda

my name is holly finn and i am a young animator who is studying  animation at staffordshire university. as i am in my final year i thought it was about time that i 'got on it' and made a blog to post all of my animations and all the work that goes in to my animations. i hope you all enjoy my work ^-^