Thursday, 24 November 2011

back track

here is where i would like to get my blog up to date with all my work from the begining up untill now. as i mentioned in my first post, i am in my final year as an animation student and i only just created this blog. SO theres plenty of old work i need to catch you up on.

in this clip. i am trying out different styles of animation. two types of computer animation and some cut out stop motion. the first style of animation you see is cut out animation done on the computer using the programe 'toonboom' in this one we had to design a charatcer aimed at very young children.. this was the first time i used toonboom. theres no story to it, i was just testing out how to use and move my charatcer. the second style of animation you see in this clip is cut out stop motion. this was my first atempt at stop motion and i was being tought how to do stop motion by Barry Purves. i had to animate a cat walking. a bird flying and a man swimming. the third lot of animatio that you see has been made on maya. a computer animation programe or CGI pograme.

so that there is my work from my first year at university.

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