Thursday, 24 November 2011

my proudest monet....back tracking part five.

for your infurmation. . . . 

so this is the post i've been most looking forward to writting. at university we had to do a collaboration breif. i worked in a group of five. we called our selves 'smiling beetroot donkey' we had to go online and look for animation competitions that would could enter. we came across one for an anti fur campaign called 'infurmation' we did a story about how a fox gets cought in a trap, taken away to a wearhouse and then skinded. yes we did a horrible skinning even shocked me a little when i saw our finsihed result and i knew it was coming. we split our little group in to two. three of us were working on the 2d part of the animation whilst me and another worked on the stop motion side.we built our fox puppet with love...and then we filmed him. O.o

so we entered our aniamtion in, we showed our tutor and she was happy with it and also cringing at it.  

WARNING WARNING. OUR VIDEOS IS GRAPHIC...remember hes not real and i've seen our little foxy since filming and hes healed up nicely now. urgh, i cant get the video clip from my pc to work on here so it has to be viewed by this link.

heres the best  bit ... 
a few months had past us by and we hadnt heard anything from the competition for a long time. we thought we hadnt done well at all. turns out we did quite well...rather well...infact so well we came first place  so here is my certifficate to show all the world that we won. 

here are some photos of our fox puppet for you to enjoy. hopfully they will help make you feel better for what you just saw :) 

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