Thursday, 24 November 2011

my work in progress

i'm currently working on another project. one of my tutors breifs was called 'art moves' we had to choose an 'ism' i went with cubism. never really done anything with cubism ever in my life so i thought i would challenge my self abit. i chose to do my animation as a cut out animation. i've never really worked with cut out either, another challenge. so i have designed my charatcer, and built my set, which i need to build again, but at least i got to do a test shot of what i want to do with my opening scene. here is a picture of my cubism lady 

here  are some of the tests i did with my cubsim lady puppet

here is the test shot of my opening scene.

in theselast tests she looks a little bit different. the reason is becuase i found in the other tests you couldnt see her hair and i realised i made her a bit wrong. so i remade her and made another two of her ( so basically three in total) i made three of her because i needed her to change from one side to another so i made her changes.

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