Friday, 25 November 2011

cubism lady animation

morning...just :) i dont feel like i explained my cubism lady animation idea very well, if at all. the idea of this animation is that its set in an art gallery. as you saw in my opening shot, the camera pans across three picture frames. in each picture frame there is going to be a different style of art in. the first picture frame is going to be a still life picture of a bowl of fruit. the second picture is going to be in the style of pop art and its going to have a little pop art man in it. the third the picture is going to be of the cubism lady. in the story, the cubism lady comes to life and decides to course some mischief. she gets out of her picture and goes in to the pop art picture and then dances with the pop art man. when she has finished dancing with the pop art man she gets out that picture and then goes in to the still life picture and starts eating the fruit, then steels an apple and then makes her way back to her picture and acts as if nothing has happend. i hope you  like my idea and on that note i have to go off now and start remaking my set ready for next week ^-^

wooo look at the date...its only a month untill christmas yaaaaay

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