Tuesday, 29 November 2011

oh i nearly forgot

here's is a little bit more work to show you from second year. as part of our work we had t go and help a few third year students. i worked with two pairs of students. one pair asked me to make sausage puppets called the Frankfurt brothers and they needed trilbies making. the second pair asked me to make some school uniforms for their puppets. we was supposed to give them 25 hours of our time. so when you think about it making two little sausage puppets and some school uniforms doesn't sound like a lot for 25 hours but i ended up doing everything twice. the first lot of sausage puppets i made went terribly wrong and horrible looking and the hats went all lumpy. so as i was showing them what i made i asked them if i could just make them again because i didnt like how they turned out, so went off and made them again and it all worked out perfect. here are some pics of me making the puppets 

pictures of the school uniforms i made. i had to make themtwice because the instructions i was given were wrong .they gave me drawings of the characters and when it came to making the uniforms, i asked them if they wanted me to make them to the size of the drawing, they said yes so thats what i did. it came to me meeting up with my third year and i showed them what i had made and they said it was far too small. here i'll show you 

you can see here the size of the drawing to the size they were making their puppets. so anyway was not a problem to go off and remake the uniforms. so here is my finished result. 

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